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GoDiagram  GoDiagram 2.5
Build custom interactive diagrams, network, workflow editors, flowcharts, or software design tools. Includes many predefined kinds of nodes, links, and basic shapes. Supports layers, scrolling, zooming, selection, drag-and-drop, clipboard, in-place editing, tooltips, grids, printing, overview window, palette. Many useful sample applications. Document/View/Tool architecture with many properties&events. Optional automatic layout & instruments.

Power Gauge  Power Gauge 2.0.14
Designed to provide a dashboard-like display, this Web Part provides dynamic and highly configurable gauges that provide instant visual representations of measurements, for example, Business Performance indicators such as: Sales, Leads, etc.

Angulum  Angulum 1.0
Angulum is a versatile .Net 2.0 WinForms gauge control for circular and linear instruments bulit on DirectX. Any number of scales, needles, needle caps, annulars and captions. Predefined and user defined shapes for all needles, tick marks etc. Various fill styles for all graphical elements: e.g. solid, gradient, hatched, and textured. Glass and reflection effects. Needles can be synchronized with needles in the same or another control.